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section 1: this agreement describes the T&C and risk associated to the use of service, if you have any question contact Customer supprt. Client must read and accept all T&C

section 2: Glossary of terms and their definitions for this agreement:

  • “System” shall mean an electronic system designed to facilitate trading in Financial Contracts via the Internet using the One-chaincapital platform as defined above subject to all terms of this Agreement and the terms of the Trading Manual (as defined below) which conforms an integral part of the Agreement;
  • “Financial Contract” or “Contract” shall mean a contract to purchase CFDs or Digital Options or any other financial offering that the Company may offer by the System from time to time to its customers.
  • “Contract Price” shall mean the rates offered by the System and based upon “Indicative” rates
    provided by various financial information systems as the current updated rates for contracts ofthe applicable nature on the financial markets.
  • “Markets” shall mean the international financial, commodities, and other applicable markets, where contract rates are being fixed upon free trade, and other markets where various financial assets are traded.
  • “Business Day” shall mean one calendar day beginning at 00:00 and ending at 23:59 GMT.
  • “Transaction” shall mean purchase/sale of a Financial Contract for a fixed price.
  • “Closing” shall mean a reversed transaction aimed to close an open position (sale of a financial contract previously purchased and vice versa) with a sum or at a quantity identical to the one spent in the initial transaction on the same Business Day
  • “Collateral” shall mean the initial sum deposited by you with the Company after the deduction of loses, deduction of funds withdrawn by yourself, plus profits derived from the Transactions.
  • “Trading Manual” shall mean the manual detailing the procedures and terms for the performance and execution of Transactions;

section 3: age requirments 18+

section 4: client’s have „license“ permission to use the platform is conditioned to client’s continued compliance to T&C Company can terminate client acct. with our without notice section also includes call monitoring

section 5: Company i obligated to provide all information and technical means to use the service within 24 hours Company must provide a Open Postion and an Account statement at any given time section also confirms we do not handle taxation and we can’t have multiple accounts on the same IP

section 6: the necessity to provide true and accurate porof of Idenitiy and supporting documentation

section 7: Confidentiality clause: the Company keeps all personal details secure. Contact consent agreement, creating account means client has consented to contact customer can opt out at anytime by contacting company and requesting no further contact

section 8: Indemnity Clause removing all liablility of damages ( including neglience as a caue of damage) from the company. The company is not liable forany lost of profits. Multiple deposits are voluntary by the client and will be considered as proof of good service

section 9: Personal Liability client must take responsebility for all activities and movements on their account Section includes full Risk Factors Disclosure, client agrees that activities on the site are high risk may result in partial or total loss. CFD prices do not necessarily reflect live market value, trade outcomes can be short in minutes, our system is for knowledgeable people that understand the risk of trading on the financial markets

section 10: company can make available internal or external content sources to provide financial information, market data, quotes, news, analyst opinions and research reports, graphs or data. Content is not endorsed by company but provided as a service. Company nor content providers liable for market outcomes

section 11: client is responsible to maintain access to the website, client is liable to maintain his ablity to access services and can’t expose company to malware

section 12: trades are completed when the margin has been calculated and payment verified, client liable for due settlement of every trasnaction in the account Company can cancel any transaction linked to mispricing. Client has duty to report any errors or inadequacies. Company can close with our without notice at is own discretion and not accept claims

section 13: Company not liable for any governmental action or external acts affecting the customer

section 14: company not liable for any technical web issues

section 15: company not liable for outcomes for activites linked to third parties with links on company site

section 16: All content, trademarks, services marks, trade names, logos and icons are the property of the Company

section 17; Company can charge client for Rolling Fees associated with Day trading extending to the following day

section 18: company has right to record all calls

section 19: Withdrawal Orders – client must provide all required kyc to make a withdrawal. CC deposits are withdrawn via the same cc no fee. Withdrawal to bank from cc deposit may take longer, likewise with wires. If no bonus and WD amount not over balance it will be processed in 2 days Wire transfers suubject toAML regulations, non USD cc transactions maybe subject to currency exchange fees.

section 20: Trading bonus are added value that matches customers deposit providing extra trading leverage. Eligibilty and condtions of bonus are subject to
change. Company also has special agreements with affiliates joining bonus, sign up bonus and refferal bonuses. Micro accounts are not subject to trading bonus. Client are not required to accept bonuses. All accounts with bonuses are requiredto meet trading turnover before withdrawal (deposit+bonus x30 = withdrawal) Company reserves rigth to cancel bonus at anytime

  • The bonus or any benefits will be subject to cancellation immediately
  • Any losses shell be held liable by the customer (account holder)
  • Any profits shell be deducted from customer’s account balance

WD request on accounts that have bonuses will be canceled automatically if turnover is not met, Bonuses added to an account are final and can’t be removed

section 21: Any account with no transactions for 12 months will considered dormant and will be charged 30USD per month, if balance is 30USD or under the account will not be charged dormant fees

section 22: Compamy reserves to the right to modify or discontinue any part or the whole of the agreement at anytime without cause or prior notice

section 23: Company will internally resolve complaints via support email with a week to investigate compliants

section 24: Compliance dept. can require KYC documents for account Verificationclients not providing requested documentation can have their accounts frozen. Client are required to use payment methods that are under their name only unless spousal relation.

section 25: Agreement is governed under the laws of the Marshall Island, any legal suit or file would defer to Marshall Island courts. Client accepts jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands as the forum for any legal action and any legal decision ofthe Marshall Islands binding

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